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Our Mocktails are Kid Bath Bombs with Surprise Hidden Toy for  a Playful Bath Time  Fun.


Step into the playful world of our Kids Mocktail Bath Bombs – where the excitement of a vibrant mocktail meets the soothing allure of a luxurious bath. At our bar of bubbly delights, each bath bomb is a unique concoction of colors and fragrances, carefully crafted to transform your child's bath into a mesmerizing experience.


Our mocktails aren't just a treat for the senses; they're a celebration of fun and surprise. Picture your little ones enjoying their 'mocktail' bath, surrounded by thick bubbles and a burst of fruity fragrances. But the real thrill lies within – hidden surprises that turn bath time into a treasure hunt.


As your young adventurers drop these mocktail bombs into their bath, they're not just releasing fizz; they're unlocking a world of whimsy. Dive into the tub and discover tiny toys and trinkets, creating a lively bar-like atmosphere right in your bathroom.


Our Kids Mocktail Bath Bombs are crafted with care, using gentle ingredients to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your little revelers. So, let the bath time festivities begin!


Cheers to colorful baths, delightful surprises, and a splash of joy – right from our playful bar to your tub. Make every bath an unforgettable celebration for your child!"

Mocktails | Kid Bath Bombs with Surprise Hidden Toy

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